1. Roman Nose

From the recording ON THE RUN

Roman Nose was a
Cheyenne War Chief who died in battle protecting his way of life and the lives of his people.


the warrior that stands and stares to the West where no
boundaries can attest

Roman Nose whose eyes can see with limitless vision to a land he'd like to be

Roman Nose don't touch that metal eat with your hands
so you wont bleed bluecoats over the horizon
can we forgive the white man's greed

strange smile that a sadness
prevails without a trace of remorse an arrogance a foolish
one would think but a man of
peace must come to battle to protect the ones he loves


with a warriors pride the
bluecoats wanted to meet the Chiefs with Roman Nose not among them they stood with disbelief

on the fateful day in the island of the tall grass
a thunder cloud breaks the silence and a great warrior slept the great sleep