1. Outlaw

From the recording ON THE RUN


You can hear the people laughing
as the hangman comes along
the outlaw"s on the gallows but
he's done nothing wrong
then you wake from your nightmare it was just a false alarm but you wonder why you see the face of the one you recognize

what are you gonna do when the Sun is high
what are you gonna do when your mouth is dry

You were asleep but I was dreaming
I was wide awake but you were sleeping

As your dreams move slowly toward the reality
appears that your dreams are not a nightmare but a paranoia of fear
Now you relive the nightmare its driving you insane they say you shot the sheriff but that was self defense


Now you wake up to the morning to the light that burns you eyes and you realize it was just a dream a face in a life you once r-e-c-o-g-n-i-zed